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In the Future

         In my dream, I walked on the surface of a planet that must have had very thin atmosphere. I think it had some, because the sky had a bluish tint more like Aurora Borealis than than an actual dome of the sky. The stars, also, were very brightly visible. Ground cover was almost non-existent. There were patches of reddish moss resembling the green stuff that here clings to rocks that are near a stream. I saw nothing else. The men around me were dressed in close-fitting suits of metal that were most definitely armor but were barely more bulky than a business suit.

         There was constant radio chatter and I listened to none of it. I was looking very intently for something. Twice I thought something and I pointed at it with my palm flat outward toward my target. There was no visible shot or beam, but little dust devils rose where I was pointing.

         Action began without warning. The man ahead of me and to my left tipped over backwards and sort of splashed out of his suit as though he had been kicked hard or stepped on. Something similar happened to the man directly ahead of me. A bright light shone over me and the area directly in front of me and nobody else was injured after that. The light was like the landing lights of an aircraft passing over.

         Action continued when it abruptly became dark, foggy dark. Lights on the outside of my suit came on and almost immediately shut off, they just illuminated a brownish fog. With a click, the visor of my helmet changed color and some other kind of illumination, infrared or some other wavelength of radiation made the landscape clear again. Everything was yellowish, and ahead of me I saw three gargantuan, over 30 feet tall, creatures of a rather shrek-like appearance. They moved ponderously and I began firing at the one closest. As I did, it stopped, grabbed its chest, and, eventually, fell to its knees. I looked for other targets but they were dead.

         Four men in suits like mine passed overhead, flying low each a holding rifle-like apparatus. It was then I woke.



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