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A nap yielded a pleasant dream

In dream I walked along a stream beneath brilliant stars. I was happy and seemed comfortable in my setting. Beneath the starlight I saw a road ahead of me and upon the road a rider, moving fast his long cloak blowing in the wind. I called out to him and he checked his horse turning in my direction. I could not see him but it seemed he knew me. He waved broadly, signed for me to follow, and resumed his headlong ride.

My dream changed to daylight quite abruptly and I saw ahead of me a town, quite small, a village really with a dozen or so buildings all of which were built in the style of a minaret, being quite narrow and rather tall. On top of each minaret was a flat space enclosed by a rail. In each such space stood a woman in a flowing gown. Beneath each of them on a balcony stood men who seemed to be conferring. As I approached the village of minarets, several of the women turned to me then turned away again. Some of the men pointed in my direction then went back to whatever occupied them.

Entering the town, I found entrances before each minaret that worked like a trap door over stairs leading down. I opened several of these but did not want to enter. The last one I opened put me face to face with a young boy, perhaps a teen, dressed in a cross between a Grecian toga and a some sort of Arabian costume. He wore pantaloons that were tight only at the hip and ankles with a wide sash at the waist. His top was covered by a loose garment wrapped over one shoulder. He was fair-skinned with long curly hair and he signed to me to follow him.

I climbed down the stairs but never reached the bottom, waking gently before I got there.



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