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My dreams were full of inexplicable nudity. Others seemed to be nude rather than myself or I'd conjecture about feeling vulnerable… Many of my dreams have been brief and little more than vignettes of late. Last night, it was much the same, but in a single dream that kept changing.

My Guide - My dream began with me being awakened by a man who was leaning over the chair in which I was sleeping and shaking my shoulder. He was young, early twenties, I would guess, and he was naked. He reminded me of someone I know, but I can't figure out who. He had black hair, a bit bushy and collar length. His eyes were bright and, if not blue, nearly so. He was slender but not skinny and very pale-skinned. He walked away from me and waved a hand to follow.

The Room - I followed him, wondering what the hell was going on and we passed through an archway into a very large room. It was all in blue and shades of white and seemed to be almost an apartment unto itself. It was all one open space. Directly ahead of me there was a wall of glass fronting on a pool and a tropical scene. It looked very Florida-esque, with palm trees prominently featured. The pool seemed of an irregular shape, more like a pond, but was obviously artificial. On my right was a counter and a row of cabinets and kitchen appliances - a minimum kitchen as everything seemed undersized. The refrigerator was under-the counter, the oven was built in above it and seemed small. There was a stove top that had two burners and a grill of some sort. There was a big hood over it all and I remember a cleaver was stuck by its tip into a cutting board. On the left was a "bedroom" sort of area, but it contained only a bed and table covered with neatly folded clothes. There were shoes under the table and someone had left a pair of glasses on a pillow on the bed. Toward the pool and the wall of windows, there was a sofa, chairs, and quite a few cushions and those folding "pool chair" thingies.

My guide headed straight for the living room space and flopped into one of the pool chairs. He waved me to sit as well, and I walked to a chaise-like contoured chair. I waited for my guide to speak, but he just watched the scenery. So did I, there seemed nothing else to do. While we sat a woman came into the room from another door I hadn't seen, near the kitchen I think. She had short hair, auburn, with a bright shine to it. She was petite, and had one of those faces that is all ovals. Here eyes were dark and she seemed to have very long dark lashes. She, like my guide, was nude. Her body was absolutely perfect and she seemed to be another twenty-something. She had with her a bowl, but I didn't see what was in it. She carried it past us and walked through the window. I was startled by the fact that she walked through the window. I could see the glass, but it was no impediment to her at all. My guide looked at me and laughed, the first sound I remember in this dream, and reached his left hand out to poke it through the window and wave it about.

The Pool - I had to try this intangible window for myself so I walked up to it, put my hands out in proper science-fiction movie pose (both palms flat and as though I were trying to push back the wall of the trash-compactor), and encountered absolutely no indication of anything solid. I could see the glass. It just plain wasn't there to my sense of touch. I walked through the window to the pool, and found that the woman had disappeared somewhere. I turned 'round a few times, taking in the view. Behind me I couldn't see the building from which I had come - there was only grass and trees. I walked back to where I thought the window was, but could not get back into the room I had left. I tried this several times from different angles and finally gave up. I walked to the edge of the pool and found a deck chair to sit in. Getting down that low was difficult. I was just as stiff and arthritic in my dream as I am in waking life. I dabbled my hand into the pool and found it to be pleasantly cool. There was an aroma from the pool that I couldn't identify, a flowery smell a bit like roses but with a citrus-y undertone. I leaned back and relaxed a bit, enjoying the scenery and found myself feeling drowsy.

The Pool Party - I may have fallen asleep in my dream because between one moment and another, I blinked my eyes and a crowd of people appeared. They were walking about, talking, climbing in and out of the pool and generally, having a good time. They were all nearly naked. Almost all of the women were nude. Some of the men wore swim trunks. Nobody was "fully dressed". There were six or eight kids running around, two girls who may have been teenagers or not quite there, at least three boys who were perhaps fifteen or sixteen and one who may have been nine or ten. The children were all nude, but all but one of them were heavily body painted. Some of the adults were as well. I remember four adults very distinctly. The first was a woman with short blond hair who was painted all over in colored patches like a calico cat. She was tall, I think, and had the body of an athlete or maybe a body builder. She was not extravagantly muscular, but she had that athletic motion that you get only from being in remarkably good shape. She walked past me twice and I stared openly at her. She paid me no attention. A man with no hair at all was painted like a barber pole but with blue replacing the usual red on white stripe. He sat on the edge of the pool near me and talked to a man with brown hair who seemed to be drinking martinis. A woman in a yellow and green striped bikini bottom came by and refreshed his drink while I was watching. She also brought the barber pole guy something but I didn't see what it was. It was not a drink. A woman in what I think of as prison stripes walked by. I didn't get a good look at here as the kids were running between me and her doing something or other noisy. The kids were about the only sounds I heard save for occasional splashes from the pool. A man painted entirely orange came up and spoke to me for a minute, but I can't remember what he had to say. He had yellow racing stripes painted down his arms and down his sides to his ankles. While I spoke to "orange guy" another man painted as a harlequin and wearing the jester hat walked by holding an enormous book. It was so heavy he waddled slightly with the weight. The kids were teasing him, mocking his walk and running circles around him. I remember two of the boys were painted in tiger stripes across their backs and around to their ribs. They both had a narrow white stripe from their necks down to their groins but were otherwise perfect tigers. Another boy was painted white with all of his features outlined in gray. It made him look like a museum statue walking around. He stopped and smiled at me and I remember he had an enormously wide grin.

The Roof - My guide from earlier showed up after the statue boy had left and once again waved for me to follow him. I did so and remember being eager. We walked to a tall tree and as we walked past it a stairway became visible. I don't know how to describe the process of it becoming visible. It didn't just pop into existence, nor did it fade in as an apparition. It was not there then it was - naturally. We climbed this stairway, a stucco wall at our right until we reached a rooftop that was, perhaps two stories, or slightly less, above the pool. Everyone but the kids were gone when I looked, but there seemed to be more kids than before. The rooftop around me was a hedge-maze-like garden, but the hedges were only knee height. I could see the entire layout of the garden from where I stood. It was a fairly complex maze with a number of small grottos or bowers with marble furnishings and fountains. There were quite a few of these close to me and I could see that some of them were occupied. In one a nude couple was chatting. In another a threesome was sitting close together, maybe making out. My guide led me through the maze in a very complex path. We arrived at what I think was probably the center because there was a circular clear space with a tall fountain. The fountain was marble and covered with human figures looking very Greek or perhaps Roman - more stylized than realistic and performing day-to-day activities like filling someone's cup or placing a plate on a table. I walked around the fountain looking at the figures. My guide, for once, followed me. As we walked, he put an arm on my shoulder, a friendly gesture, and pointed to various statues around the edge of the clear space. They were all museum-like sculptures, but they were much more modern-looking. One reminded me of Rodin's caryatid, another looked like a flapper from the 1920's. The one I remember most vividly was a statue of a half-sized man dressed as a pirate. He seemed to be about to spin around on one toe like a dancer. The pose was odd and whimsical enough to draw a chuckle from me. I sat on the edge of the fountain and the black-haired man sat next to me. We just waited there for a while.

The Dance - The light went slightly dim and did so quickly like lights in a theater being lowered. The light did not have the quality of dusk but more that of an eclipse. I looked up and saw no sun anywhere nor any light source. When I looked down again the area in which I sat was filled with couples posed to dance. With no music playing, they simultaneously began. The dance was waltz-like but seemed like a ballet as well. Each couple was dressed uniquely, though all of them were "barely" dressed. One couple particularly attracted my attention. They both had long blond hair down to the waist. Both were the same height, both seemed to be enveloped in the lightest of fabrics, so light that it did not so much drape as float around them. She was in a yellow-green somehow lacy "gown" and he wore sky-blue "tights" and a waist-length cape that seemed to be attached directly to his shoulders in some way. They seemed to be the central figures of the dance as the others circled around them. A couple in clothes I have to describe as "see-through Carnaby Street" leaped up and danced on top of a bench and did something resembling the Twist for a moment before losing themselves among the other dancers. The others were an awe-inspiring sight. There was a Marie-Antoinette dancing with a matador. A pirate twirled a milk-maid around a man in wings leading a uniformed woman around the floor doing polka-like steps. I watched with great enjoyment for a while when I noticed that my guide had gone missing. I began walking to look for him and moved freely around the dancers. They seemed to follow me for a while then just more or less faded away.

The Throne - Walking between the knee-high hedges I tried to get back to the stairway where I had climbed onto the roof. I couldn't see the edges of the roof, nor could I see my guide. There were people here and there walking through the maze as was I, but none of them were paying me any attention. Because of the twists and turns of the maze I passed close to a tall man with white hair about three times. He was young and his hair was not the white of age. He was much taller than me, perhaps seven feet tall. He was extraordinarily muscular, like a body builder. He wore a black chain around his neck with links at least an inch long. He wore nothing else. The last time I passed close to him, maybe ten feet away, he looked at me then pointed in the direction I was going and slightly to the right. I followed the direction he indicated and came to another large open area. This area was all grass with no seats, statues, fountains, or any ornamentation at all. As I entered the big circular lawn, the center of the lawn rose up into a cylindrical shape, slowly and silently. When it was maybe ten feet higher than the rest of the lawn, I noticed that there was a chair atop it. I move closer and found that there was a slope leading to the chair. I followed it upward and found the chair to be a throne carved of a reddish stone. It was polished very smooth and had a white cushion on the seat.

To my intense frustratation I woke at that point. I know I have mentioned nudity a lot in this post, but within the context of the dream it didn't seem significant. I do remember that throughout I felt very relaxed almost all of the time. For some reason my spell-checker refuses to check this post. I apologize for any errors.



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