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Aboard Ship

I dreamed last night of being aboard ship. This is a little unusual for me.

I was immobile but comfortably so. I don't recall ever moving at all during the entire time. It was as though I simply felt no need to move. I was aboard a ship. It was a very clean and beautiful ship. I remember thinking it must be new. The wood of the deck was very white like ash or maple. The railing and masts were equally pale. I stood at the back of the main deck. I think there was a deck behind me. To my left and right people frequently disappeared upwards out of my view so I think there were ladders or stairs to each side of me. I recall hearing voices behind me.

The crew was plainly dressed in a non-uniform way. They tended to light colors, pale blues, white, pastel-looking greens and yellows. I remember thinking of them as birds flitting about the deck at one time. They were all men, small and of a pale, pinched aspect. Their clothing wasn't what I thought of as sailor's clothes. They tended to look like togas or maybe like a sari. Ships officers tended to dress in white. They all had beards and one had on a white turban. Another wore a big floppy white hat with a low crown and a long golden feather. He seemed to be the captain. Only one crew member paid me any attention at all. He was a child, perhaps a cabin boy. He was dressed in a pale blue garment half way between a sari and a toga. He stopped by often to me to tell me the ship would maneuver. "We will turn now," he would tell me. "We are raising sail." Nobody else ever spoke to me.

I don't remember starting the voyage, but I do remember at least three days. We were sailing westward as I recall watching the sun set ahead of me at least three times. This was always a beautiful scene with many brilliant colors playing against the clouds. Sometimes between the second and third sunsets the ship approached land briefly. Men left the ship in three small boats. I watched them ashore and remember thinking that they were too small for some reason. I was upset at the way they waddled as though they were walking incorrectly. The men waddled across a field of grass out of my sight and returned carrying buckets. Most of them seemed to be carrying water, but a few seemed to have other things in the buckets. I could not tell what they carried but I believe it to have been something like a potato or an apple.

The weather for the journey was uniformly good. The nights seemed cold and the days warm and sunny. I took note of the weather but seemed uninterested in it. The crew was more affected. I noticed that they slept on the deck wherever they happened to take the urge when they got sleepy. All of them seemed able to re-wrap their clothing into a sort of cocoon that was sufficiently warm for sleeping. The sun rising across the deck awakening cocooned sailors was an unusual sight, as it seemed to somehow revive them it touched them. The sight of the deck scattered with colored bags of humans was somehow amusing to me.

I woke feeling slightly irritated. I think some sound woke me, but I can't tell what it was.




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