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Current Bad Dream

Can someone please help me with this one?

My best friend, April was at my house helping me back for college is what it looked like. We were in the laundry room and she was sitting on the step reading her Wicca book she then pulled out a set of red and white cards. She told me it was a fun game that told you your future balance with the good and the bad. I told to put it away I didnt want it in my house. She laughed and said I was being silly and it did no harm I gave in and then Alex, Crystal, and Kristen were there. I dont get that because I dont like any of them. Well anyway they all started playing and I threw my cards down and walked away.

Scene changes and I'm in an old hospital with April and everyone else theres a boy with dark hair holding my hand. We get separated from the rest of the group. He's not talking but just walking in front of me holding my hand. I turn to a open doorway and start screaming histericly, I dont remember what I saw or anything. I just started screaming the boys get me and runs with me out of the building. We're followed by everyone else running out of the building, its dark outside. A priest is walking buy and helps us as we jump the fence.

We follow him to a church to stay for the night. I talk to him about what I saw he asked if I did anything that might cause that I tell him about April's game with the cards he says we've released a demoned and we must stop it. We dont know how, I start to cry and call my mother. I cry when I talk to her telling her I'm scared and dont know what to do, she tels me to calm down. April follows me out shes wearing a necklace with a crusifix. We start talking then it gets quiet between us and a rush of ice cold air sweeps past us and April is pushed over a balcony and is hanged.

I start screaming histericly again, my mom is still on the phone asking what happened. I tell her April is dead, I run away. I run as fast as i can and I'm in the middle of a party I run down the stairs crying. The boy with brown hair grabs me again and takes me away in his car, and tries to calm me down.
"You cant stop what happened. You can only stop it for someone else."
April's mom calls my cell phone asking where she is. I cant tell her her daughter is dead...i choke up but i know I have to some how.

Ice cold wind sweeps by me again and just before the other car hits I wake up.



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