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I had this dream the other night. It wasn't a bad dream, just a dream but it held a great deal of significance. We were on a sailboat, a very large Catamaran. The water was beautiful, as was the day. The owners of the boat were in the cabin having breakfast, they had no idea we were actually sailing the boat. As we were sailing along we started getting to close to shore. I mentioned this to EEK, but he said it was fine, to keep on going. We sail up onto the launching ramp and into a downtown core. Looked similar to SoHo. So we keep sailing, the owners children come out of their rooms (they were getting dressed) and asked what we were doing. A simple reply of "Just sailing the boat". A few moments later the owners came up on deck, realised we had sailed the boat onto shore and started totaly flipping out. Saying that they had spent their life savings onthe boat, etc. EEK offered to buy the boat. He loved it. It made us both happy. But the husband threw a broom at us and told us to go away.

Then I woke up.

I do keep having certain images in my dreams that are encouraging me to clean up my past. Maybe I should ponder that for awhile.


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Jul. 11th, 2005 04:19 am (UTC)
lots of gore....
i had a dream a while back, it only lasted a few seconds it seemed like. it was more like a scene from a movie at first. there were 3 people, two girls and a guy. after i saw that, i suddenly WAS the first girl. the man was mutilating the other girl and i was standing in a corner watching, crying. i know my turn is next. i look down at my friend and see that she is just a head on top of a body that lookds like the core or pit of some fruit, with big bloody strips of mutilated skin and guts, and he's still chopping away at her while she rocked back and forth on what little body she had left.

now im the girl he's torturing. i dont feel any pain, but i cry anyway. when i look down at my body, my arms and legs are gone and the man is bent over me with a knife shaving off chunks of skin and organs like i was a pear.

this is by far the most gruesome dream ive ever had...
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