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Many dreams that I remember

My dreams were horrible tonight. They shifted quickly, slamming me with a variety of vignettes all of which were troubling, disturbing, or just plain unpleasant. </p>

22:00 Windows - I was on the ground floor of a large building in a very big city. The area I was in was cafeteria-like because there were dining tables and such everywhere. I saw no source of food, though, and nobody was eating. Everyone, including me, just sat and stared out the huge windows that made up the entire front of the building. Outside people passed by, walking mostly, but a few in cars or even on bicycles. Everyone that went by was somehow wrong. Some were grossly ugly, others had misshapen bodies. There were a few "people" who went by with animal features. I remember very distinctly a man with bullet-shaped head and skin like a lizard or crocodile. I remember a woman with only patches of hair on her head and sharp-pointed teeth displayed in a menacing grin. Some small children - very normal-looking children - passed by tossing the head of a pig back and forth between them like a beach ball. A very bright light flashed at one point and some of the people farthest from the window caught on fire. The bright flash woke me.

23:30 Floating - I settled into sleep thinking of driving and it morphed into a sort of drifting dream in which I floated a few feet above the ground and moved swiftly and erratically around as though looking for something. I moved like a hummingbird or some hovering insect, darting swiftly from place to place then hovering with a side to side shift. I was in a very rocky desert-like place. The colors were wrong as nearly everything seemed to be a dark shade of aquamarine. The only other color tended to be a dark gray or black that mostly appeared on things that I think were artificial. The desert was almost empty, but had odd protruding rock formations like small mesas six feet high. I moved from one to another, sometimes rising to look on top, sometimes zipping around them. Occasionally I would find a black box or oddly-shaped object. These things had no interest for me. I searched a long time, looking at dozens, maybe more, of those mesas until I found one that had a body on top of it. The body was all black, as though burned. It jiggled and twitched while I watched. Dry flakes of skin sloughed off when it moved most violently. I remember the eyes rolling and moving around. I knew they body was dead, but I expected it to move. I hovered over it a long time then seemed to settle on the chest looking down toward the legs. The body sort of crumbled at that point and I was suddenly inside a cloud of dust that smelled like soot from a chimney. I woke with that smell strong in my nostrils.

00:10 Whales - I was sitting on a boat. It seemed large, perhaps sixty or one hundred feet long. The boat was motionless when my dream started, but it began to move right away. The motion was not so much from the water as from a huge pod of whales that had surrounded the boat completely. They were all moving the boat along by pushing against the sides. There were whales all around the boat touching it, sort of nudging it along. There were other whales making hump shapes in the water for a hundred yards in every direction. It was as though they were moving along in a continuous mass shoulder to shoulder and carrying the boat on their backs. I ran from side to side on the deck, looking down at them, getting more and more upset. I didn't want to be carried away by these whales and didn't like the behavior. I looked off the stern of the ship and saw one of the whales eyes looking up at me and grew more upset. I went back to the side rail and looked down and became frightened. The things pushing my boat along weren't really whales. I didn't know what they were, but they weren't whales. I felt real panic rising in me and woke up very upset. I had to get up and sit in my recliner for a while before I could go back to sleep.

02:15 Swing - I was sitting in a bar. I think it was sometime in the past, perhaps a 1930's type of era. Everyone's clothes looked old-fashioned to me, but I couldn't identify just why that was. The bartender walked up to me and just stared. He reminded me of John Cleese from one of the Monty Python sketches, because he had that expectant expression that Cleese has, but didn't speak and wouldn't respond to anything I said. He just looked at me and sort of bounced on the balls of his feet while polishing a glass with an enormously oversized towel. I turned away from him and saw the bar was full of people. I didn't seem to know anyone. Nobody was actually doing anything. I could hear conversation but nobody seemed to be talking. They were just sitting at the bar or at tables looking at one another or staring into their drinks. It was as though they were all waiting for the director to yell "Action!" or something. I got up, walked to the door of the place and opened it. Outside it was painfully bright and there was a loud noise of traffic and horns honking. I couldn't see any cars or trucks, but I could hear them going by. At one point I heard clip-clop noises as though a horse trotted past banging its shoes on pavement. I saw nothing. Something up high drew my attention and I looked up to see a tall building that looked to me like the Empire State Building in the near distance. I turned toward it and the light got brighter - so bright I couldn't see. I woke up and was extremely shaky as though frightened.

3:00 Vines - I was out-of-doors walking around in the yard of a country cottage. Everything seemed perfectly maintained, a lawn that is best described as manicured, flowering bushes, hedges precisely trimmed, and small flower patches all around. I walked out into the yard and turned to look at the cottage. It was small, possibly only a single room. One side was covered with thick vines that covered the wall and stretched up onto the thatched roof. I didn't like those vines. They were ropy-looking and had a reddish tinge to the stalks that made me think of blood vessels. As I watched the vines began to grow, stretching across the roof and waving outward from the cottage. I turned and began to run. Everywhere I ran I saw tendrils of vine growing along the ground beside me. I saw the vines cover over trees and objects while I ran. I felt it brushing at my back while I ran and that woke me up.

I woke around 4:00 and found there was no way I was going back to sleep. So it looks like an uncomfortable day ahead.



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