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A "walking" dream

Last night I dreamt of walking. There was a stream in the distance toward which I was bound. I could hear the water rushing and what might have been a small waterfall. My surroundings were verdant, exceedingly so. The grass was long, more than ankle height, and very lush and green. I was following what seemed to be a footpath. It was wide and very straight so I think it was a human path, not one made by animals. Near me I heard small sounds in the grass as though birds or small animals were moving. The sky was oddly colored, though I can't say precisely how. It seemed to be more yellow than it should have been. Trees nearby seemed to be on the short side, almost like dwarf trees grown for easy picking of the fruit. They were broad and a little flattened at the top. Their trunks seemed rough in the extreme.

As I walked, I felt no urgency, no sense of purpose save a vague idea that I was bound for the water. I passed no other person, but I did have a sense that that was possible. I walked for quite a long time, or so it seemed, but did not seem to appreciably decrease my distance to the stream ahead of me.

At one point a bird flew past me from behind, disappearing in the distance ahead. It seemed small, not a hunting bird, but just a common sparrow or some such. No other living thing was visible in all the time I walked, and I never developed any real sense of purpose.

I was sleeping on my chaise, not in my bed, and was awakened by lights outside, or at least I think so. I woke very groggy. I felt a little upset that I woke but went back to sleep with little difficulty.



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